Unusual items left on top of a wood burning stove

Chilli Billie


“Can I boil a kettle on my stove?” is a question I am regularly asked and the answer for most stoves is yes. But over the last 7 years I have come across more unusual things put on top of stoves.

Here are a few of those stories:

“My rice pudding has boiled over, how do I clean my stove?”

A regular item left on the top of a stove is a stove glove that cooks to a crisp.

A lady came into the shop clasping a plastic bag and said “Tom is going to go mad!” The stove was Tom her husband’s pride and joy. “What have you done?” I asked. She opened the bag to show me a mass of melted plastic. “I lit the stove and left the lighter on top.”

Another customer put a large Church candle on her stove and her husband lit the stove without removing it. It was only noticed once it had completely melted and run all over the stove and hearth.

Fortunately, no stove was damaged beyond repair!

Please let me know your stories…..