Feel like you need to sit almost on top of your stove to receive the full benefit? Why not expand the area of heat from your wood burning stove with an Ecofan sitting on top of your stove circulating warm air further into your home?

Other products may look similar.  This is the original Canadian Ecofan.  Covered with a 2-year warranty.

The benefits of an Ecofan include:-

  • No more cold corners
  • Feel warmth up to 38% faster
  • Reduce fuel usage by up to 18%
  • No electricity, batteries or cords.

Log Baskets

Whether you are looking for something traditional, or perhaps a bit more contemporary; both Iron and Wood showrooms have a large variety of log baskets and carriers on display.


Companion Sets (Fire Irons)

Both of the showrooms have lots of different companion sets on display to match your stove.    Perhaps something bespoke which is designed by Iron and Wood, or something traditional which looks at place beside your beautiful stove, pop in and check out the different companion sets available.


Log Stores

Looking for the ideal Log Store?   This measures  1.61m high by 1.74m wide by 0.57m deep.  This wood store will easily hold 1 cubic metre of wood.

Please note this product requires assembly.    £130.49 inc VAT.

  1. The wood store is made of tanalised pressure treated timber so it will not need treating.
  2. With open sides and a raised floor allows maximum airflow to allow the wood to dry.
  3. An attractive wood store, it can conveniently and neatly store your logs.
  4. The wood store roof is fully weatherproof.