Oak Beams & Fireplaces

Oak Beams

Iron and Wood offer a range of hand-crafted oak beams, in a variety of sizes, colours, styles and finishes.

The shape of your oak mantel or fireplace beam can dramatically alter the characteristics and overall appearance.  There are various degrees of shaping that create contours and curves along the edge and/or face of the beam to get the right effect for you.

Please note, the style of your oak beam is determined by the shaping, the colour and any extras to enhance its effect.

The shapes are created on either the face of the beam, the edges or sometimes both.    Our Oak Beams are available in a range of finishes including Natural, Antique, Traditional, Farmhouse, Jacobean and Oiled.

Timber Effect Beams

Iron and Wood also offer a range of Timber Effect Beams for households who do not have enough space above their fire for an oak beam.   These beams are available in a range of different colours and finishes and are on display in both of our showrooms.


At Iron and Wood we are able to offer a selection of range of hearths available in granite, limestone, slate and also glass hearths which are ideal for free- standing stoves.  We have samples of all of these in both of our showrooms.

The glass hearths add a smart, contemporary finish to any stove. Available in plain, smoked or coloured glass and in a range of shapes and sizes.  We can also supply bespoke colours, shapes, and finishes.

If you are looking for a fireplace or an oak beam for your home, call us on 01295 253 936 or 01865 375 600.