The Wood Fire

Beechwood fires are bright and clear If the logs are kept a year;

Oaken logs burn steadily If the wood be old and dry;

But ash dry or ash green Makes a fire fit for a queen.

Logs of birchwood burn too fast, There’s a fire that will not last;

Chestnut’s only good they say If for long it’s laid away;

But ash new or ash old Is fit for a queen with a crown of gold.

Poplar makes a bitter smoke Fills your eyes and makes you choke;

It is by the Irish said Hawthorn makes the sweetest bread;

But ash green or ash brown Is fit for a queen with a golden crown

Elmwood burns with a churchyard mould, E’en the very flames are cold;

Apple logs will fill your room With an incense like perfume;

But ash wet or ash dry For a queen to warm her slippers by.

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