Bespoke Oak Beam and Fender – before and after

Oak Beam and Fender

Our client approached us as they were renovating a room with an existing wood burning stove and wanted to improve the fireplace surround with a brand new beam and matching fender to create a focal point in the room.

Our oak beams are made from European oak that is well seasoned and air dried, and for smaller beams we used kiln dried oak. We never use green oak as it contains too much moisture and can have unpredictable results when it dries out naturally over time. Oak beams can be fitted using a number of systems and in this case the client chose to have it sitting within the wall.

Oak Beam and Fender


Traditionally, fenders were installed as a safety precaution to prevent coals or logs from rolling into the room but with the use of wood burning stoves where the fuel is fully contained within the stove unit, this isn’t a problem. However a fender designed to match the oak beam creates a very stylish finish to the hearth and we are often asked to include a fender when installing a beam. We can install an existing fender if it is suitable and can be adjusted to the space and the hearth, however in most cases our clients will ask us to create a bespoke fender designed to meet their own specifications.

Oak Beam and Fender

For this particular client we designed and built a low fender from oak to match in with the beam, which abuts neatly to the existing stone hearth. The result – a very smart, modern twist to a traditional stove and fireplace that draws the eye and complements the room beautifully.

Our client agrees and said ”we’re very happy with the result. Thank you”.

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