An effective source of heat !!

An open fire loses a substantial amount of the heat it generates and even when not alight, continues to draw air out of the room draining warmth and creating drafts. By contrast a stove is capable of an efficiency rating of up to 85% when in use and eliminates heat loss when not in use. Environmentally friendly Wood burning is the focus of much of the concern over emissions but actually makes sound environmental sense when done responsibly.

DEFRA advise the following:

• Consider burning less – consider when to light your stove
• Use ‘Ready to Burn’ wood with less than 20% moisture
• Season freshly chopped wood before burning
• Use approved smokeless fuels
• Do not burn treated wood or household waste
• Maintain and service your stove annually
• Get your chimney swept regularly
• Use the right appliance – either DEFRA exempt or Ecodesign Ready Stove.

Economical and beautiful

Traditional energy suppliers can no longer be relied upon to provide a stable and fairly priced supply. Using a wood stove however gives you some independence from the large utilities. A stove provides a warmth that no other energy source can equal while creating captivating, constantly changing flame patterns bringing a welcoming and heart-warming presence to any room.