Heating Season

Seasoned Local Hardwood Logs

Posted by Sally Williams, on July 26, 2022. Tags: , , , ,

The Log Dog

Seasoned local hardwood logs.  Oak, Ash or Birch make for better burning logs, coming from trees which grow slowly in contrast to softwood such as pine or spruce which grow more quickly and are consequently less dense.   Hardwood has what is known as a ‘high caloric value’ which means it will generate more heat and […]

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Autumn has arrived

Posted by Sally Williams, on October 5, 2018. Tags: , ,

Here at Iron and Wood we are busy fitting lots of lovely stoves into customers’ houses in readiness for those long winter nights. You may have noticed that Autumn definitely seems to have arrived over the last few days. If you would like a new wood burner in your home, please visit our showrooms in […]

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