Scan 67 Zensoric Now On Display At Iron And Wood

Exciting groundbreaking technology launches with the Scan 67 Zensoric – now on display in our Kidlington Showroom!

Scan 67 is the first stove to benefit from Zensoric technology, a major step forward in wood burning stove development.

Imagine your wood stove being able to highlight to you when it needs to be replenished, taking control of the best ambient temperature for you, and being able to simply sit back and enjoy the warmth of your stove with little attention and no constant adjustment.


Scan 67 in modern home


Zensoric alleviates any manual operating errors, so no need to adjust its controls. Once set to your fuel of choice its optimum levels are regulated by the stove itself. Maintaining a stable heat output on your behalf enables a longer burn period for your fuel, which results in lower emissions, a cleaner glass, lower fuel usage, lower fuel costs and a more environmentally friendly result.

The Scan 67 is one of the first models to feature this new innovative technology. An LED-indicator on the front of the stove will flash to signal when to replenish logs, when the door is open and when to recharge the USB.

The shape of Scan 67 is full of classic Scandi styling with elegant vertical lines for an effortless slimline look, showcasing both angled edges with a self-closing magnetic door, 156 degrees of glass for maximum flame views, and a choice of 4 colour handles in short or long versions to complete the look. Three differing height models are available; Scan 67 1000, Scan 67 1300 and Scan 67 1600, with the 1300 and 1600 versions each able to conceal heat retaining stoves to further increase heat output time.


Scan 67 handle options


Come and see the Scan 67 in our Kidlington showroom where we can go through which model variation is best suited to you. Alternatively, if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with our team today.


Our showrooms will be closed from 1pm on Saturday 25th May re-opening on Tuesday 28th May.