Penguin Idris


This is 7 kW of warm, glowing, chilli-hot, heat.


We have a new guilty pleasure, the Penguin Idris. The welsh origin of this name, is fiery and passionate, just like this penguin.

The Penguin Idris gives out 7 kW of chilli hot heat, like the Penguin 7 but with more to love; extra width with the side convector panels and extra height to balance it up and store your logs underneath…just that bit bigger and that bit hotter.

Like all of our stove range, the Penguin Idris is very controllable.  The Penguin Idris only has one air control knob, which makes it really easy to use. The single air knob provides boost air when fully open, and finer control when further in. A tool is provided to use when the stove is hot.

Additional information

Heat Output

7 kW

Flue Outlet

150mm (6"), Optional top or rear flue outlet

Max. Log Length

450mm (18”) approx.