Penguin Fubsy


Strong, simple, efficient and clean burning; the Fubsy is the complete package.


The Penguin Fubsy from Chilli Penguin offers a generous clear glass window giving you a huge uninterrupted view of the fire. It also takes large logs.  This penguin started life as the Stock Cube.  it was then developed into a convector model and an integral plinth was added.  Effectively a Stock Cube in extra large. It has all the qualities of the Stock Cube; strong, simple, efficient and clean burning.  It shares the same firebox and performance as all of the stoves in the Stock Cube series. The Fubsy just gives you more to love…not only wider, but taller.

The name Fubsy we couldn’t resist, it comes from an old English word meaning “a short stature with a wide girth”, or “short and stout”. Who could walk past a Fubsy? It makes you want to dawdle, pause a while, fluff up a cushion, get a book, fill a glass.

If you want a 5kW wood burner, squarer and deeper than our Woody… taller and wider than the Stock Cube….this could be your penguin. Let a Fubsy warm you up and chill you out.


Additional information

Heat Output

5 kW

Flue Outlet

125 mm (5")

Max. Log Length

300 mm (12")


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