Patio Stoves Now Available


We now offer a range of superb outdoor fireplaces by Jøtul so you can enjoy your outside space for longer even if the temperature dips a little cooler. The stoves are not only highly contemporary in design but also durable so they can be used all year round.

Jøtul Terrazza







The Jøtul Terrazza is made from corten steel which oxydizes to create a very modern rusty finish to blend in with even the most stylish garden furniture and landscaping. The spark catcher is designed in a way that allows you to keep one side of the stove open if you wish.

Jøtul Loke






The Jøtul Loke is tall and sturdy with a raised fire and practical storage in the base. It is designed both as a fireplace to provide atmosphere and warmth and to be used for grilling. There is a base plate available to protect the surface beneath the fireplace. It is available in black enamel steel or corten steel finish that has a weatherproof, rough and rusty surface.






The Jøtul Frøya is designed to make your outdoor space, even more, inviting with low flames to create an authentic campfire feeling whilst having plenty of space for a large fire. It is available in black steel and is designed to withstand all types of weather all year long. If you need extra weather protection, an accessory rain cover is available.

Jøtul Frigg







The Jøtul Frigg is a tall and timeless design that’s easy to move around your garden. It is well suited for grilling as the detachable grilling grid is placed at a comfortable work height. Accessories include a grilling grid, spark catcher and a base plate to protect your patio. It is available in black.

Our showrooms will be closed from 1pm on Saturday 25th May re-opening on Tuesday 28th May.