Can you replace an open fire to a wood burning stove?

Traditional Style Wood Burning Stove

Have you ever thought about changing your open fire into a wood-burning stove? Maybe you want the cosy crackle of a real wood fire but want the efficiency and safety of a wood burning stove. A wood burning stove is 5 times more efficient than an open fire. In the quest for more warmth, ambiance, and a touch of rustic charm, many homeowners find themselves contemplating the switch from an open fire to a wood-burning stove. The process of this transition is actually not as hard as it sounds.

A quick and easy way for this transformation is the installation of a wood burning stove in the place of the traditional open fire. This transition is not only cost effective but it hardly changes the nostalgic sensation of the traditional fireplace. Whatever type of fireplace you have from a standard 16” grate to an inglenook fireplace there are stoves to suite.

What types of wood burning stoves are there?

Wood-burning stoves fall into two basic types, free-standing stoves and inset stoves. Free-standing stoves rely on radiating heat from all over the body of the stove and so need space all around the stove for air circulation. An inset stove works through convection and has a double skin body so the hot air is forced out into the room. Inset stoves are often designed to fit into standard 16” fireplaces making them ideal for an easy installation. Iron and Wood have two very popular inset stoves, the Contura i4 offers a contemporary look or the Woodwarm Phoenix Firebright is a more traditional stove.

Wood burning stoves also come in different sizes or heat out puts and are rated in kilo watts kW. The bigger the stove the higher the heat output. When considering the right stove you need to take into consideration the size of the fireplace and the size of the room along with the age and design of the house. Fireplaces can often be enlarged or remodelled to accommodate the right size stove but if you don’t want the disruption of building work then an inset stove maybe more suitable for your requirements.

Wood burning stoves offer a cost-effective and energy-efficient way to heat homes, providing a cosy and visually appealing alternative to traditional heating systems. Many people also appreciate the tactile and sensory experience of tending to a real wood fire, making wood-burning stoves popular for both practical heating purposes and creating a warm, inviting atmosphere in a living space.

Why are wood-burning stoves more cost-effective than traditional fireplaces?


Wood-burning stoves are designed for optimal heat output. They burn wood more efficiently than an open fire, which can lose a significant amount of heat up the chimney. Stoves are equipped to control airflow, ensuring a more efficient and controlled combustion process. Also as a stove is a sealed appliance even when not being used they prevent warm air from the room being drawn up the chimney.

Heat Retention

The materials used in wood-burning stoves, such as cast iron or steel, retain heat for longer periods. This means that even after the fire has died down, the stove continues to radiate warmth, reducing the need for continuous burning and providing sustained heating without using additional fuel. Some stoves have special stone in or around the body, this stone absorbs heat during the use of the stove and continues to radiate the heat for several hours after the stove has gone out.

Focused Heating

Wood stoves are ideal for heating one room. This focused heating allows for better temperature control, enabling users to efficiently warm specific areas of their homes without heating unoccupied spaces.

Fuel Cost

Wood is often a more cost-effective fuel source compared to other heating options. In many regions, wood can be sourced locally, making it a relatively inexpensive and renewable resource, especially when compared to the cost of oil, gas or electricity for traditional heating. The cost savings on fuel contribute to the overall economic advantage of wood-burning stoves.

Types of wood-burning stoves

Traditional Stoves

Traditional wood-burning stoves typically feature classic designs, often crafted from cast iron, with intricate details and decorative elements. They evoke a sense of nostalgia, providing a charming focal point in a room.

These stoves are renowned for their durability and efficient heat output, often relying on radiant heat to warm the surrounding space. Traditional stoves contribute to a cosy and timeless ambiance, making them popular choices for those seeking a more rustic or vintage aesthetic in their homes.

Iron and Wood offer a range of traditional stoves from Woodwarm, Chesneys, Ironwood and Chilli Penguin Simon Attfield from Iron and Wood says if you are fitting a stove in a kitchen then have a look at the Chilli Penguin range of stoves with ovens on the top.

Contemporary Stoves

Contemporary wood-burning stoves showcase modern design elements, featuring sleek lines, minimalist aesthetics, and cutting-edge materials like stainless steel. These stoves prioritise both form and function, often incorporating large glass panels for a clear view of the flames. With advanced combustion technology, contemporary stoves offer high efficiency and lower emissions, meeting modern environmental standards.

They are favoured for their ability to seamlessly integrate into contemporary home designs, providing a stylish and efficient heating solution.

Iron and Wood Kidlington showroom have a great display of Scan and Jotul stoves while in Banbury showroom you can see the Contura stoves.

Double-Sided Stoves

Double-sided wood-burning stoves, also known as see-through or tunnel stoves, offer a unique feature of being open on two sides. This design allows the flames to be viewed from both spaces, creating a stunning focal point that adds warmth to multiple rooms simultaneously. Double-sided stoves are popular for their versatility, as they can serve as room dividers, providing both visual and physical warmth in interconnected spaces.

Choose Iron and Wood Limited to solve your stove stress!

Iron and Wood Limited offer years of experience to help you choose the best wood burning stove as per your aesthetic preferences and requirements. Their diverse range of quality wood burning stoves leave you spoilt for choice, together with their own teams of stove fitters they can offer a one stop shop. Come and talk to us about your requirements, our team of fitters can also carry out fireplace remodelling, see these pictures of a before and after of a recent job.