What size Stove do I need to heat my room?

Believe it or not; you could have too much heat generated from your stove!!   It is therefore important that you buy the right size of stove for the room. As a rough guide, 1kW of heat will be sufficient for 14 cubic metres.  Try out our simple calculator below to see which stove would be recommended. Simon or Szab will be happy to discuss this with you when we provide your free no-obligation quotation.

Use our new Stove Output Calculator by clicking here

  • (Width of Room x Depth of Room x Height of Room) divide by 14 (meters)
  • (Width of Room x Depth of Room x Height of Room) divide by 500 (feet)
1500 – 2500cf 40 – 70 5 kw
2000 – 5000cf 55 – 140 8 kw
3000 – 7500cf 85 – 215 12 kw
4500 – 9000cf 130 – 255 14 kw

Other things to take into consideration are:

  • Age of house
  • Insulation levels
  • Heat losses in room such as stairs or open doorways
  • Internal walls?
  • Double glazing
  • And, last but not least, personal preference

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