Contura i30


Create your own fireplace with a high quality insert and generous expanse of glass.


Create your own fireplace with a high quality insert with a generous expanse of glass. The Contura i30 fireplace has a straight door; you must lift it to open and close the door.

The efficient combustion technology quite simply gives more heat from the wood.

The Contura i31A fireplace has a unique white cast stone called Artstone.   Due to the large glass door, this gives the impression of an open fire.

The i31T fireplace, clad in natural heat-retaining soapstone, gives economical heating. The heat-retaining soapstone has a natural pattern, no two are alike. The fireplace can also be combined with heat-retaining powerstone.

The Contura i31S fireplace is clad in walnut brown sandstone that gives a cosy, exclusive style to the home.




Additional information

Heat Output

6 kW

Max. Log Length

500 mm (19")


130 Kg

Flue Outlet

Optional top or rear flue outlet


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