Contura 35


With a white steel surround, glass or cast iron door and glass top, this is an exclusive design that suits a number of environments.


Contura 35 is covered in sheet metal which gives it an austere, industrial feel. The fire has a lot of space behind a generous glass area. The stove is available with a white or black steel surround, cast iron door and glass top.

The Contura 35G comes with a  powerstone heat tank which retains the heat for up to 7 hours with the damper closed. The Clean burning system keeps the glass clean.

The 35T has long glass side panels mean that you can see the fire from several points. This model was awarded the coveted red dot design award, which values both form and function. Clean lines and a glass top give this stove a discreet appearance.


Additional information

Heat Output

5 kW

Max. Log Length

330 mm (13")


135 kgs


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