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Vulcanus Grills

Find the perfect grill to match your expectations. Vulcanus® grills are made using uniform technology and differ only in the height of the base. Are you looking for a low hearth for outdoor grilling with your family, or for a professional grill with a solid wooden board for preparing and serving your meals? Choose what you like better. The square shape of the plate offers a grilling area that is up to 1/3 larger than in classical round grills. The plate itself is divided into two heat zones to allow for grilling and heating up cheese or vegetables at the same time.

We named our grills after the Roman god of fire and patron of all blacksmiths – Vulcan. In mythology, his workshops were located inside active volcanoes. Vulcan was a blacksmith and talented artist who worked for the gods of Olympus.  Vulcan’s muse was his wife Venus, whom the Romans worshipped as the goddess of beauty. Inspired by her, Vulcan instilled beauty, passion, and sensuality into his products. Our open flame grill symbolizes the god of fire in several ways: the fire itself, as a source of heat and a cosy atmosphere. Good old blacksmithing and high quality, functionality, long life, and beauty of the grill.

The body of Vulcanus® grills is made of special high-quality COR-TEN steel with a weathered look in ruby colour. Due to its capacity to withstand wet and salty  environments, COR-TEN was originally used for shipbuilding. Do not worry about leaving your grill outside in the rain, freezing cold, or snow. It is natural, environmentally-friendly, and will always look like new.

The Vulcanus® has a special inbuilt system for draining away grease and juices from the food. There is no need to worry about fat dripping onto tiles, or that your grill will be covered in grease and begin to look unsightly after its first use.

You can cook food on the Vulcanus® grill for up to 50 people in one hour.  The different heat zones enable you to simultaneously prepare steaks, fresh vegetables, fish, eggs and cheeses. Your food will be juicy, crunchy, healthily prepared, and will retain most of its original vitamin content.

You can use practically any type of hardwood, provided it has a residual moisture level of less than 20%. Wood should therefore be sufficiently dried out. Green wood releases smoke and tar when burnt, thereby making the grill smokier and reducing its thermal performance. We recommend using technically dried logs cut into 33 cm lengths, which you can buy from any DIY or garden superstore. Charcoal can also be used.

The Vulcanus® is manufactured from COR-TEN steel, which is maintenance-free throughout its lifetime. This means you needn’t worry in the slightest about looking after your grill. Just clean the grill surface with a damp cloth and wipe down with oil.

A range of accessories are also available for your Vulcanus® Grill.

Vulcanus Multigrid

This solid cast-iron grid will make your grill an optimal cooking center. You can use it to prepare many tasty dishes – for example, to grill meat directly on the fire, giving you effective sear marks. If you remove the round center grate, you can replace it with a saucepan and cook goulash. Placing a pizza stone in the middle opening in combination with our ceramic oven will allow you to prepare pizza, cake, poultry,
or the best hamburger buns in town.

Vulcanus Cover

Vulcanus® grills can be easily protected with a tight-fitting cover for comfortable use. The cover keeps your grilling surface clean and ready
for grilling at any time without the need to remove fallen leaves and rainwater. No need to worry about leaving your hot grill when the party is over. Simply put the cover on and everything will be safe. The cover comes in two sizes (Pro910 and Pro730) and also in two types of anti-corrosion finish – aluminium and stainless steel.


Solo Stove Fire Pits – OUT OF STOCK (updated 30 November 2020)

The Solo Stove could be the ultimate backpacking stove – a lightweight, compact, efficient eco-friendly wood burning stove that incorporates a secondary combustion for a more complete, efficient and cleaner burn. The bottom vents draw air in to feed the primary combustion at the bottom of the stove while hot air rises up the double walls and out the top vents resulting in a secondary combustion. The Solo Stove doesn’t just burn wood. It actually cooks the smoke out of the wood and then burns the smoke not once, but twice! The unique design requires less fuel than regular wood stoves and produces a hotter fire with minimal smoke. The Solo Stove is a must have for all serious backpackers, survivalists and campers.





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You can also place an order for stove supplies such as rope, glass and firelighters by telephone, pay in advance and arrange collection at a suitable time.