New Model on Display

Contura i4 FS


We now have a Contura i4 FS Modern stove on display in our showroom in Banbury, Oxfordshire.

This model, together with the i4 FS Classic, was launched by Contura about 18 months ago specifically for the British market as they are designed for burning wood or smokeless fuel and it’s easy to switch between the two fuel types.

The stove has built-in convection so it only needs a 50mm air gap meaning it will fit into a small space whereas a traditional stove requires 150mm clearance.

The stove is available with a heat tank for even more heat retention. Powerstone is hidden within the body of the stove which absorbs heat and then continues to radiate heat long after the stove has gone out.

To see the Contura i4 or any of the stoves we have on display please call into our showroom.

Our showrooms will be closed from 1pm on Saturday 25th May re-opening on Tuesday 28th May.